This project is the culmination of my years in graduate school completing my Master of Fine Arts in Web Design & New Media. By the time I graduated in 2014, I had created a project that covered much more ground than the program required and had learned an immense about about urban farming. Everything in this project has been created from scratch by myself and involved numerous iterations based on multiple user testing sessions.


The motion graphic for this project was my focus before I moved onto any interactive parts and ended up setting the visual direction for the site and all print materials I created. I did a great deal of research into urban farming prior to writing the script, and this research helped inform the entire library of content the site ended up containing.


The site is a deep dive into the motion graphic, and adds a layer of interactivity to the experience. The development phase involved two classes and countless hours outside of classes. The main goal of the site was to guide people through the past, present, and future of urban farming while helping people understand how they could get started simply.


I wanted to evoke a version of farming that seemed familiar, yet modern and inviting. My major goal with the entire project was to make growing food seem doable. You will see earthy tones with punches of color for emphasis and illustrated content to avoid the weight associated with real photography. With illustrations I was able to control every aspect of the design and keep the overall feel generic enough to apply to any place or person.

Thesis Book

One of the many final deliverables for the program was a thesis book that went through every aspect of the project from start to finish. If you are interested in learning more about this project, I recommend diving in or at least skimming the book I created to summarize the entre process.

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